Tiffany & Co. Makers

Tiffany & Co. Makers Sterling Silver Candlestick Holders


Pair of Genuine Tiffany & Co. Makers Solid Sterling Silver Candlestick Holders. These candlestick holders feature an elegant tapering design with a ridge on the outer edge at the base.  They measure approximately 1-3/4 inches in height and taper from 2 inches at the top to 4 inches towards the base. The outer edge of one piece has been previously broken and expertly repaired. Together they weigh approximately 114.30 pennyweights / 177.74 Grams. 

Item Details

* Tiffany & Co. Makers
* Solid Sterling Silver
* Measures: 1-3/4" Tall, Tapering from 2-4"
* Weight: 114.30 dwt / 177.74 g

**All weights and measurements are approximate**

TJC INV#: 002608   00180213    

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