18K Diamond Geneve Watch White Gold Pink Lizard Band


Pink Geneve Watch featuring 2.25 carat total weigh of Round Brilliant Cut diamonds set in 18k white gold Bezel and markers. Pink dial 26mm and pink lizard Band.

Item Details

* Genuine Geneve
* Solid 18K White Gold
* Contains: RBC Dia. 2.25ctw
* Dial: 23mm x 19mm
* Case: 25mm (29mm w/ crown) x 36mm
* Lug Width: 15mm
* Lug Length: 36mm
* Size: Adjustable
* Band Material: Lizard (Made in USA)
* Band Width: 13mm Tapering to 11mm
* Weight: 38.20g

**All weights and measurements are approximate**

TJC INV#: 900053-001800061    

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